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Arma3 EpochMod is here

The much awaited Arma3 EpochMod has finally landed at [DMR] and we already have a server up and running. More about that later.  Just though I would share some pictures and and answer some question

Q. How Do i play it.
A. You will need to have a copy of Arma3 installed. You don't need all the DLC however if you want to drive go karts and some of the helicopters you do. Once you have Arma3 install head on over to and download the launcher. Once that has loaded click the mods page and download/install  the Epoch mod.  How simply go to the servers page and search DMR.

Q. Can you Build

Q. Does it have vehicles

Q. Does it have submarines

Q. Does the submarine actually go under water !

Q. Can i be a frogman from the submarine for a beach attack !
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Bambi Ville

Q. What is Bambi Ville
A. Bambi Ville is a player generated idea to help new players find their was in the crazy world of DayZ. Its a safe place to call home while finding enough loot/cash to start out on your own.

Bambi Ville gated community is situated on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Rogovo. With easy access to the shopping facilities of Stary Sobor just over 1.7k away.
The studio apartments have a large living area with build in wardrobes (storage shed) with your own private locked door.  In the communal area we have shared fire barrels. Ample parking is available on the cobbled drive and around the area.

If you are interested in renting one of these prestigious studio apartments please see one of the in game Admins.

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DayZEpoch - Base Maintenance

**** ACTIVE FROM 24-11-2014 ****

First let me explain how the Objects_DATA table works. The table has a column called LastUpdated this automatically updates with the current time stamp when you interact with it. Interaction can be driving, repairing, upgrading, maintaining and access the gear even taking damage counts.

Below is an example of some data from the database.

So how does the Base Maintenance work. Well now that you have an understanding of how the objects are stored it should be fairly easy :-).

Every day we search for built object that have not been updated in 14 days and add 0.1 damage to them this then marks the building for maintenance if after another 14 days (28 in total) from that date you have not maintained the object and it is still damaged we will delete it.

Simple. :-)
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[DMR]Overpoch Taviana PVE|NPC|AIMission|Coin|Bambi(

Mods Needed.  These can all be downloaded from either DayzLauncher or DayZCommander. or the following sites

** We have recently moved this to Origins please make sure you download this

You may need to launch manually until the cache has gone for Dayz Launhcer See bellow image

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New L4d2 Server

** Update to the Rules. Please familirise yourself with them

We now have the following new pages
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