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DMR - DayZ Standalone Server.

DMR are back in the DayZ game with a new Standalone server.  This server will be kept online for as long as we can and will be funded by donations. 

To donate

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Dayz 0.60 Update

Finaly the long awaited 0.60 update lands.. This update switches from the DX9 to the DX11 render engine and promises better FPS.

Check the link http://www.dayztv.com/news/2016/06/dayz-0-60-update-features-items-list/

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DMR are in the process of testing out a RUST servers. So far so good. 

Game looks more polished than other out at the moment. Biggest question for me is PVE vs PVP.. Rust does not really fit with PVE in my mind as the Environment is not as harsh as other games, However PVP is OK if you can gather quickly and loot easy so as long as you have a good base to store items in death is not really a problem.

Couple of plugins we have added already,

Loot/Resorce Multiplier
Home Teleportation
Death Notes
Auto Door Lock
Building Owner (for TP)
In game Map
and more..
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DMR are proud to bring your Lingor on Arma 3 ExileMod

You will need @allinarmaterrainpack;@panthera;@lingor3 to play it

Click To Connect to the Server Now

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