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Battleeye Variable #0 issue

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Hi guys, seem to be having a reccuring issue with Battleeye error "Variable #0". Remember having a similar issue with this when I was running a DayZ server few years ago.

Spoke to Hybrid and apparnetly you guys are running AntiCheat on the server.

What you should be able to do is add an exception to the first line of the publicvariable.txt file within the Battleeye folder on the server. See below:

Hopefully this will resolve.

An alternative is to see if there are updated battleeye files for the server anti hack. Not sure what you are using but if using something like Infistar antihack or Blur, they should have updated files available.

I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway :)

It'd be interesting to see the output within the setvariable.log file on the server :)


The kick 0 normally happen when the AH tools have not been stared for some reason. The server then kicks the player off and normally second go around it starts.

it can also be from time to time when the player has not spawned with the correct skin but its normally the first case

Oh right. Well I tried connecting continuously for like an hour with no joy. So im guessing it is something else.
Not to worry. Guess I just wont be able to join in on the fun :( cheers anyway

Let me nuke your character. Sometimes it get stuck and we have to nuke the SQL entry then you can get in.

Next time your online let the guys no and I will jump on and see what happening when your doing it. Best way not not been able to get anyone on yet :-)


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