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A2 PvE in its final days???

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Heya ^^
Couple of players have reported seeing a message in the Dayz Launcher saying something like "due to depriciation this server will be shut down on 17.03.17" (I havent seen the msg myself so its a pharaphrase I quess). Apparently this message applies to alot of servers including our beloved A2 PvE but not all. Its all a little veird to me. Question: valid or false? Cheers ^^

False as far as i know m8 , dwarfer owns the server so he is the only 1 who can take it down .

We need to pop on and clear up the server tbh a lot of dead cars around , just need to find the files i need lol

Did some actuall research and the mentioned message is (as far as I can find) only related to Dayz Launcer. And it's support of the Epoch version server is running (Legacy or whatever). Dayz Launcher will basicly stop supporting next week. I guess worst case scenario is me and other players will need a guide on how to manually get get into server ^^

I used this to get in since day 1;

On the first run through it'll ask you to point it to the .exe locations, and then you can add the mod locations once that's done.  Last time I was in, I only needed the following;
@dayz_epoch (

You can add the server details in the 'online' tab;

And you can set the no-splash/window mode/ preferred profile etc. in the 'launch options' tab.

Should be good from there.
I've not got it all installed since a rebuild so can't take screenshots, but it's simple enough and google is your friend.


Heya ^^ I tried ArmchairCowards tip today. I'm sure its possible to get this working but so far all I get is session lost, and not sure what I'm doing wrong :(


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