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Wanting to buy the 1.2m base.


Posting here as I was hoping to get the 1.2m (or whatever) base sometime soon. Had a place in mind (a different spot from where my current base is), but I haven't really seen any admins on.. :(

There a way I can get this done? Whether it's someone I can message with details or whatever..?

I do go on the server from time to time, I have some admin powers but cannot place bases, but when you are ready contact me and I will contact a higher admin and get them to join to bring your base in.


I'm taking a break from Arma right now, been on a break for a little while. I'm hoping to come back soon, but I might still be away for a few more weeks or so. Doing my best to log in here and there to make sure I pay repairs on my base.

Once I get back though I'll definitely be interested in buying the new base!


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