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[DMR]DeadMenRising Naked and Afraid |5X|TP
« on: May 11, 2016, 09:53:53 AM »

DMR are in the process of testing out a RUST servers. So far so good. 

Game looks more polished than other out at the moment. Biggest question for me is PVE vs PVP.. Rust does not really fit with PVE in my mind as the Environment is not as harsh as other games, However PVP is OK if you can gather quickly and loot easy so as long as you have a good base to store items in death is not really a problem.

Couple of plugins we have added already,

Loot/Resorce Multiplier
Home Teleportation
Death Notes
Auto Door Lock
Building Owner (for TP)
In game Map
and more..
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Re: [DMR]DeadMenRising Naked and Afraid |5X|TP
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2016, 07:55:25 AM »
Hi m8,
There is a plug in called "info panel" it gives players a time clock at the bottom of the screen like a task bar, it also shows players on server and sleepers and when a airdrop and heli are inbound.
There is a plug in called "sign in rust experimental" I am not sure if the server is running experimental or not, it means you can paste pictures on the signs instead of having to draw them (makes things look a lot more professional) I have seen an admin make a wild west town with professional signs as the "saloon" name.
Also there is the ability to make a show where players can buy item for a price, the server I saw an item costs units, for example an axe is 5 units and each unit is 1000 wood or 500 metal fragments.
Anyway just a couple of ideas to mull over with, when I should have been sleeping but my mind was too active, and my tablet was playing way too many rust videos. lol