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Lost everything


So i was just selling some stuff at the hero trader when i had the amazing idea to buy some clothes. Bad. Idea.
When i put them on, i lost: All my humanity, everything i sold during the last 30minutes (the gold) and the chopper that i just sold.
In an attempt to fix this, i relogged. When i got on i was relieved to see that my humanity was back to normal...But i had lost another 50k gold....and was stuck on a roof on the other side of the map.
All in all i lost about 300k gold.

Some help would be grealy appreciated  :)

Heya! I'd gladly pay u 300k for a promise that u'll NEVER switch clothes again. Not even panties.  Deal?

Deal. I think i learnt my lesson, however strange it may have been. :)


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