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Exile addon idea / suggestions


1st!!! will exile be made pve? or bring in a pvp zone like the previous A3 map?

bad experience with pvp.. ppl dont bother talking. its all pretty much just KoS.. much rage quitting x.X

are there any plans to put in the MAS weapons and MAS vehicles mods? later on etc?

what all mods are planned to be put in [eventually]?

Ryans zombies demons [still in development?]?
the MAS weapons / vehicles mods [overwatch equivalent for A3 exile i guess]
jurassic mod maybe? as a substitute instead of roaming AI?

or is it being kept to a minimal of mods for the server fps / database stability?

'IFFFF' [big if] it is made pve... maybe raise the prices on all items [for an endgame goal]

and... still thinking on more ideas to 'annoy' u guys with. lol

what about RHS addons and ACRE support? ;)


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