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A3 Exile Night Removed? and Thermal


Was just wondering why you guys completely removed night? the night (especially on arma 3) adds a whole new dimension to the game there is a plentiful amount of nvg's thermal ect that they are all easily accesible to all so no one would be at nay disadvantage also on arma 3 you can actually see unlike A2 numerous streetlights ect

Also Thermal whats your views on it? i think it is ridiculous and should be removed it just makes combat far too easy and throws all the odds in your favour if they dont own a TWS or NS scope. It throws any kind of tactics or whatever out of the window.  I sat from range and killed/watched an entire group with ease due to thermal and i will continue to use it while i know anyone can use it as im not going to put myself at a lesser advantage but  i think maybe it should be disabled.


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