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Quad core
2gb ram
1gb gfx card [Asus] ENGTS250

A3 loads up and works perfectly. probably better than A2 does. but the moment i put on the Epoch mod... well... things go nuts..
at the main menu it gives me about 2fps [lol]
loading into any altis server or any epoch server for that matter. it crashes to desktop after the lobby with that 'memory refference error'
on a side note, i get the same error, after a while or while flying over an area that has lots of buildings / trees / loot? on A2 DayZ. this happens when i set the visual range to 3k [the range finder option] otherwise on the default setting. it goes along fine.
it is very depressing to be flying a 1.5mil heli.... only to lose it to a memory refference headshot x.X

ideas or suggestions on whats causing this?? how to fix it?
any help will be greatly appreciated

with 2 gig of ram m8 your not going to get much joy i was struggling on 4 gig , try running it on min settings

Michael Devers:
Alot of people say that ArmA is more CPU heavy rather than the GPU. Do you know what brand and series your CPU is?

2 GB is  very low on the RAM front, YOu really should be looking for min 4 for all games as the OS will use about 1.2 leaving 800Mb for games :(...

Arma is CPU hard but if you have a good clock speed on the Quad Core you should be OK..

everything on minimal settings. and everything that can be disabled has been. disabled.. vsync.. antialiasing etc etc all those fancy shmancy words

not sure abuot the processor.. i know my pc is a... dinosaur lol.. 8 years old by now. Asus motherboard P5Q SE2

i suspect it is as dwarfer and trooper saying.. the low RAM causing it to go wonky... maybe even old / defective ram by now.
what i found strange was playing A3 basic.. it gives me 63 fps [on the minimal and 'normal' settings even]... yet at the same time i try to join any A3 basic server on mp.. same memory refference error crud happens.

guess im gonna try boosting up the ram and see what happens. hopefully that helps


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