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Hi Guys,

We are planning to move the server from RP NO KOS to more PVP and PVE.  This is for several reasons. 

1) We don't think the RP is working with the low player counts we have been getting,  as and experiment I think it was OK but we wonder on the longevity of the server.
2) Pure PVE in my humble option does not fully work as the lack of roaming AI and the way we have limit on the vehicles causes problems.
3) Pure PVP has its own set of problems that should be clear to most people.

We are planning to run a mix using Zones.  Most of the high loot zones will be located in the PVP zones this is to bring about "risk vs reward".  When entering or leaving a PVP zone you will be prompted with a visual and audible message. 

If you want to go and test/see what it will be like try the following serber "[DMR]EpochMod TEST Linux Box (|1.44)" port 2302

Anyone who currently has a base inside the PVP zone will have the choice of moving (with admins help and providing supplies) or staying put.

The following rules will be set

* This server is Player vs Environment unless in a designated Player Vs Player Zone.
* Base raiding is NOT allowed unless the base is located in a PVP zone.
* Base raiding in a PVE zone is allowed *IF* the front door is open and or not secured, no glitching.
* PVP Zones are the marked areas on the map.
Bellow are the breakdowns of the areas. These can be tweaked a little ( Notice the visual prompts on the top right), Larger ones can be seen bellow

i like the should make it more interesting to go about altis and hopefully encourage player it by talking to each other or via bullets :) (in the appropriate zone that is)
i personally dont like full PvP all that much tbh but this system should allow for different type of gameplay according to mood hehe. theres time i just want to tend to my chickens and sip orange sherbet..and others where i wanna go about shoot at anything that moves (usually after a long days work)

Looks good!

Should provide a bit more of an edge to Altis.

Couple of questions, as always haha

1. How do the bounderies work?  If i'm in PVE zone and they're in PVP are they OK to shoot?  what about if I'm 1k into the PVE, i.e. my base is on the edge etc.?

2. How do the spawn points work now that they're in the PVP zones?  Are we going to get a lot of spawn campers?

On a side note, my base is just in a PVP zone so would appreciate knowing when I need to be evacuated by as I'm away till Tuesday haha

(Just like Goodnight Mr Tom)



1. I would say know unless you are happy for them to shot back and kill you..  I think it has to be NO both players need to be in the PVP zone. I will update the rules once checked with the council.
2. Spawn point are Safe zones. Don't want to run into a PVP zone don't use central :-).

I would like to change ASAP.. So if you want to be "evacuated" We can gather all your stuff and save it in a truck in DMR HQ for you.


Sounds good! My base is very much in the PVP zone! I don't think my Hunter, Strider, Hummingbird, Taru and all the other crap in my base will fit in a truck though!  :-\


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