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A3 EpochMod - Servers
List of our A3 EpochMod servers

[DMR] [Altis||1.36]

[DMR] [Chernarus||1.36]

Epoch Chernarus installation guide
To get Epoch Mod Chernarus working- first download these two torrents(total file size w/ both= ~8.5gb): (Example torrent program is Utorrent-

Method A

User A3Launcher to download the AIA Ternain Pack

Method B

1. Download:
Epoch Client Files
AIA Terrain Pack (version 10-18 required)

2. Installing Epoch & AIA Terrain Pack:
If you have an @Epoch folder in (steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3) please rename this folder to something else if you plan on playing on current build servers or delete before continuing. Reasoning is that simply replacing the files in the directory is a poor method of installing mods and can corrupt your install. If you do not have Epoch installed ignore this message.
Extract both .zip/.7z files to your A3 game folder (steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3)
(If you already have Epoch installed you should rename this folder first or delete it)
Launch Arma 3 and Enable your expansions like this: (next page)

Main menu and where to go for your Expansions ^^^

This is what your expansions should look like ^^
Enable BOTH Epoch Mod AND @allinarmaterrainpack
(you may or may not have DLC content in your expansions this is dependent on your client files) Do NOT have 2 versions of Epoch enabled. Your game will have to restart to enable these expansions.

3. Connect to server
when you are back ingame go to multiplayer and look for this server:
Server ip:
Server name: "[DMR] [Chernarus||1.36]"

nice one mr d, will take a look now ;)

hmmmmmmm, that's an evening of my time wasted. lol.
Spent a couple of hours downloading the files from torrent, telling arma 3 to run the expansions to be met with an error window saying the file is too small, now not possible to play arma 3 at all because it try's to loads the files every time.
Now my arma 3 games isn't possible to play either, nice!    >:(

Poor Veny. Will help you out tomorrow bud


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