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TS3 Backup / Restore Identities



1/ Open Teamspeak 3

2/ Click on Settings, then in the dropdown select Identities

3/Now in the Identities window below the buttons, Add, Remove etc you will see your main identity. This Identity should be called Default, make sure the Default identity is highlighted.

4/ Now when your Default identity is highlighted click on the Export button, when you click this button a Warning mesage will appear. Make sure you read the message and then click Yes to continue.

5/ After you click yes you will be asked where you want to save the file, it will save as a .ini, you can name it to what ever you choose.

6/ I suggest you now move the file to a safe location that will not be erased when you break/format your computer, such as backup drive, USB Key drive or as I do dropbox. After you re install windows and teamspeak 3 you will need the file again.


1/ Open teamspeak, do not connect to any servers however.

2/ Click on Settings, then click on Identities in the drop down menu.

3/ Now in the new identities window simply click on the Import Button, once you do this you will be prompted to point to the location of your identity file. This means go to where you have your file saved and select it.

4/ When you click the Open button the file will be imported.

5/ Now in the identities list you should have 2 entries, one will be the new identity created when you installed teamspeak 3, usually called Default. The other one should be your imported file which could have a name similar to Default_1. This depends on what you named the file etc. Click on the file that is your imported one and then click on the Default Button above the identities.

6/ Now highlight the identity that is not your imported one, should be called Default, once this is highlighted click on the Remove button above the list of identities.

7/ You can rename your imported file back to Default if you want, but it is not necessary now that it is the only identity in the list teamspeak will use it regardless of it's name.

8/ Click the OK button and you have successfully re imported your identity.

Now all you need to do is add your server details to the connection area and reconnect, you should have all your old permissions and will not need to harass anyone to re register you.


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