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Dayz Overpoch cherno PVE - ban?

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20 minutes ago I met with a surprising situation.
When i log in to the game, noticed that my truck (blue ural) disappeared from the hero trader.
I left truck four hours earlier in the zone trader Hero because I had to urgently leave home.
After logging, I asked on chat if anyone knows what happened.
Sparky has agreed to help, he told me to put the key to my truck in a backpack.
After a while a white screen appeared and after reset the game, turned out that I was banned.
Can somebody tell me why I was banned?
If I broke some rule, I did not do it on purpose.
Throughout the all game time on server, I was tryingto help others and not corrupt administration.

Please respond.

Not banned by Me so not sure what it is, I spawned back with your lorry and you had gone I thought you had logged out.
We will sort out the ban for you soon.

Ohh okey, i just freak out :D
Anyway, when i try connect i cant.

You Were Banned

Try now

Still cant.


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